SPORT-Pool Institut 3

PC-Pool  is located at building 40D, room 008.

Room equipment:

  • 20 PC
    • 19x Windows
    • 1x macOS X 10.14

Pool was completly renewed in the beginning of 2019

Hardware equipment of Windows PC:

  • CPU: Intel Core i5-8500 (6x3Ghz)
  • RAM: 32GB
  • Diskspace: 512GB SSD (Windows and programs) + 1TB HDD (temporary user data for like video editing)
  • Optical disk: DVD-RW
  • 13in1 front panel for media cards (SD)
  • Monitor: 24" (1920x1080)


Opening hours and room occupancy:

Currently there are no supervised opening hours. Independent work, however, is possible after prior registration in the secretary's office of the institute area.

You can find Room occupancy in LSF. For room reservations for courses, please use the form in LSF.

Each user can also log in to the SPORT pool with his/her account assigned by the University Computing Centre and gets access to his/her central saved data (Drive H:).

Software on Windows-PC:Free and open source software was preferred for the software selection. For this reason, Microsoft Office is not installed on all PCs, LibreOffice was installed instead.

  • Operating system: Windows 10,
  • Office Suite: LibreOffice 6, Office 2016,
  • Browser: Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge,
  • Malwareprotection: Sophos,
  • PDF viewer: Adobe Reader DC,
  • PDF manipulator: PDF24 Creator,
  • picture viewer: Windows preview, IrfanView,
  • Simulation: Matlab 2018b, Octave 4
  • Modelling: Anybody 6, Vicon BodyBuilder 3.6
  • Videoinformationtagging: utilius vs,
  • Statistic software: SPSS 25, PSPP 0.84,
  • movement analyses: Vicon Nexus 1.7, Vicon Polygon 3.5, Simi Motion 8,
  • Visualization of measured values: Origin 2019, R
  • literature administration: Citavi 6,
  • Media player: VLC, Kinovea
  • picture editing: GIMP,
  • graphic program system: LabView,
  • Text editor with syntax highlighting for various programming languages: Notepad++
  • Training planning and evaluation software: Polar ProTrainer 5

Softwareausstattung iMac:

  • operating system: Mac OS X 10.11.6
  • Office Suite: Microsoft Office 2016
  • Browser: Safari, Firefox
  • Performance Analyses: sportscode, Trak Performance
  • Media player: VLC


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