Health and Physical Activity

Basic idea

The department Health and Physical Activity is strongly connected to health and training sciences focusing on the aspects of Health Promotion by physical activity. The action field of sports is therefore attributed considerable importance both in the areas of teaching as well as research.
This predominantly implies that the Institute of Sports Science designs the key course elements Health Related Sports and Public Health in an integrative and holistic way and approaches health related scientific problems in sports science by implementing them in research projects. Treatment-relevant knowledge and expertise intended for the relevant workspaces (health and rehabilitation sports, disabled sports and high performance sports) may be deduced. Our team collaborates in interdisciplinary cooperation with several partners from the medical field, natural science, industry and institutional representatives of health promotion, sports and politics. As training sciences is considered an integrative, generalized and application oriented science, there is a strong connection between our department and the working field Theory and Practice of Sports. As a whole, the focal points of our department strengthen the natural scientific profiling at the Institute of Sports Science.

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